Views: 388, Date:07/Aug/2017

Quata Budukusu Continues a steady steamy ride with “Ghost Ride”

Quata Budukusu continues the weekly bouts of hiphop lyricism. What started on a subtle note is gradually gaining attention and true hip hop would appreciate his game plan and the desire to see hiphop grow in Ghana. 

Call him most hated, the rapper whose honesty and sincerity seems to make others want to see him out of the game. His desire to keep the genre active yet fun is very commendable. On the hate Quata Budukusu say’s “when you pray for the rain, you gotta deal with the mud."

Performing”Ghost Ride” on a KV Bangers trapbeat, Quata Budukusu is still in your face. Quata Budukusu is preparing to release the "Quantum Riddim" album.  


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