Nigerians understudied Ghanaian music - Quata

Tongue twisting rapper, Quata has agreed with musician Mr Eazi, who received a lot of backlash for saying that Ghana’s influence on Nigerian music cannot be over emphasised.

According to Quata, some Nigerians have been sampling songs from some of Ghana’s top music producers.

On Wednesday, Mr Eazi tweeted: “Ghana's influence on present day "Naija Sound" cannot be over emphasized!!!”.

This tweet sparked a lot of controversy on social media with insults, mostly from Nigerian subscribers.

Speaking in an interview with Doreen Avio of Joy News, Quata said that Nigerians have been sampling beats from several producers like Appietus, Jay-Q and Hammer.

According to him, Nigerians have been incorporating Ghanaian music into theirs. He also added that Ghana is the apex in Africa and almost everybody took a bit from the country’s music.

“They were sampling tunes from us and were refining what we do to make theirs,” he stressed.

The rapper added that he can say for a fact that Nigerians understudied us and the likes of 2face Idibia came to Ghana secretly to record their songs.

“They only knew [we did] proper - hundred percent - recording in Ghana. That’s why most of their artistes came here secretly to record. The engineers were smart enough to do what we were doing, study it, and adapt the style. They understudied us,” he explained.

Other music artistes like Ghanaian rapper Kojo Cue, M.anifest and others have also agreed with Mr Eazi, who is a Nigerian-born artiste.


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The art of tongue twisting of Quata Budukusu is back

Tongue Twisting is truly an art; a reinvention of rap, where words flow in a rhythmic chain, linked musically in a perfect skilled beat. This is the creation of Quata Budukusu: a new and unique style within the hip-hop genre, which honors the traditional hip-life while keeping a sharp and modern beat. Since its creation, “Tongue Twisting” in Ghana has gained track, with other rappers following the lead of –the always innovative– Quata Budukusu.

Besides being the inventor of tongue twisting in Twi (an African language spoken by the Ashanti people – modern day Ghana), Quata Budukusu is considered the fastest rapper in Ghana. He is also a talented songwriter and a versatile artiste capable of delivering compelling performances in a variety of music genres.  He can rap, sing, do dancehall, pop music and much more. As an international artiste from Ghana, Quata Budukusu is fluent in both English and Twi compositions. In fact, he started his musical career by combining English and Ghanaian vibe (Twi) in the hip-hop genre.

Last year, a 35-year-old Budukusu made his expected way back to the stage, signed to Bakus Records and Entertainment, after a six-year period of being away from music. His return is solid as can be. Quata Budukusu is already out with numerous singles which include; “Wind N Go low” and “One Life to Live” produced by Diaz Qlasik, “Pum Pum Shots” produced by Vegas Ace, and “Ohia” produced by King Joe just to mention a few. This is just the beginning as he has over hundred songs recorded for his new album, Quantum Legacy, to be released later this year. He also recorded with Uhuru group from South Africa last year, and he is in the process of releasing both the video and audio for the song titled “Ginger.” Ginger was recorded by DJ Clap in South Africa with the video directed by Director Cube of Kacube Creatives also from South Africa.

In this yet to be released album, a mature Quata Budukusu steers through a variety of music genres, while keeping its roots as a talented African musician and twisting tongue master. Apparently, he is showing that his hibernation period made him grow as an artiste and performant. Without a doubt, his latest job is the most versatile hip-life masterpiece yet to hit the world.

Listen to some of the works of Quata Budukusu under Bakus Records and Entertainment here.


Source: Bakus Radio, USA -

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Quata Budukusu out with Ginger featuring Uhuru of South Africa

Bakus Records and Entertainment artiste, Quata Budukusu, is out with his first single of 2017. Ginger, the title of the song, features Uhuru Group from South Africa and was produced by DJ Clap of Khona fame. Quata Budukusu who was in South Africa to record Ginger shot the video which will be released on Monday, January 31, 2017. Subscribe to the YouTube channel of Quata Budukusu to have a first look at the video once released.



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Quata Budukusu out with second single - Hallelujah!

God has been good for me, my family, friends, fans, and even our enemies and there is the need to glorify His name - Quata Budukusu. Quata Budukusu has shown his versatility in music once again by releasing a gospel-like tune, Hallelujah, after his hot single, Ginger, which featured Uhuru group from South Africa.

Quata Budukusu’s second single for 2017, Hallelujah, was produced by Ephraim Beatz. In Hallelujah, Quata Budukusu is calling on all the living souls to give praise to the creator of the universe. Quata Budukusu maintained that all living souls who made it to the year 2017 should “Join me make we sing and give Him praise” because we don’t deserve better than those that lost their lives in the year 2016 and even years before that. Quata Budukusu gave his testimony in the song because he believes he does not deserve to be here but just by the grace of the Almighty. We are all winners for making it to 2017 regardless of what must have happened in years before the year 2017.

Quata Budukusu called on God to protect and provide us with Angles stronger than “Bruce Lee” since the devil has started roaring in 2017. Take a listen to the song whiles meditating. Remember to pray, give Him the praise and adoration so far as you are still among the living soul.  We are not better than the dead.


Source: Bakus Radio, USA - (

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Ernest Annoh-Dompreh

Founder & CEO, Bakus Group of Companies

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JAYE’S WORLD ENTERTAINMENT Announce the release of Ma /Hao (Stand Together) featuring Big Star

Jaye’s World Entertainment (PTY) Limited and Taylor Jaye are thrilled to announce the release of her latest single Ma /Hao (Stand Together) featuring Big Star, winner of Vuzu Hustle Season One.

As a first-view to her loyal fan base, Taylor Jaye has made the track available online as a free download during the next 60 days from the following link:

Displaying PROMO PIC.jpg

Ma /Hao (Stand Together) is a Damara/Nama phrase which means let’s stand together. The song is a socially introspective Afro urban track that playfully explores the effects of pride and ego in relationships where partners are genuinely in love and are struggling to put their differences aside. Literally, Ma /Hao encourages lovers to stand together and is one of the feature songs on her soon to be released album. This latest track comes fast on the heels of previously released songs like Dashiki, African

Kings and her definitive hit song Supa Chikita, all of which are currently enjoying airplay on several of Africa’s hottest radio stations with Supa Chikita also appearing on MTV Base and Trace Africa.

The Ma /Hao video is currently being developed and fans should expect another outstanding visual feast when it’s released later this month.

Contact information

For interviews or promotional copies of the Ma /Hao single DISC or email link, please get in touch with


Gilbert at | +264 813567920


Instagram: @taylorjayeworld

Twitter: @taylorjayeworld


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Ernest Annoh-Dompreh

Founder & CEO, Bakus Group of Companies

Our Address: Hutto, Texas, USA

Tel: (+1)580-917-8001

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